The Occasional Athlete

A cyclist trying to be fast(-ish) again

About me

Posted at — Sep 30, 2018

Hi, I’m Paul, and I try to be more than just an occasional athlete. I’ve done sport all my life. I started with tennis, football, and basketball as a kid, took up athletics and cross country as a teenager, moved into triathlon at university, and have finally settled on cycling. I say settled on cycling but it’s more out of necessity. Although I love cycling I love running more, but my body doesn’t. I also love triathlon, but given I have a career to pursue and value my relationship I don’t really have the time for that nowadays. So, cycling it is!

I used to be fast-ish - I could certainly hold my own in local races - but in recent years I’ve been lazy, skipping workouts in favour of a lie in and eating way too much cake. This blog is about my journey back to becoming an athlete.